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The Ngorongoro Conservation Area has long been referred to as the Eighth Wonder of the Natural World.The area was formed over centuries of volcanic activity dating back more than twenty-five million years. This activity developed after shifts in tectonic plates created a rupture and split in the land that is now the Great Rift.

There are several extinct volcanoes in the Conservation Area, but perhaps the best know of them is the Ngorongoro Crater.At 102 square miles (264 sq. kms.) on the floor, it is the world’s largest intact and un-flooded caldera. The view from the 8,000 foot (2,436 meter) rim is breathtaking.

At the crater’s floor, some 2,000 feet (610 metres) below, more than 30,000 resident animals carry on the daily struggle of survival. Here, the big five are easily spotted with leopards protecting their kills in trees and massive rhinoceros in search of fresh grass. Cape buffalo are easily spotted with oxpeckers perched on their backs.

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